About the Vodka Mommy


Hello, pleased to meet you. I'm Sarah. I live life as a mother of two, wife of one, and work three full time jobs. I love every minute of life but find that a little vodka helps make that happen. I have also been blogging for about six years. I've been writing cute stories about my two little boys and what angels they are. You can find those stories at  But I decided that the tales of my two perfect children are not entirely the truth. That as much as I love my boys, there's more to the story.
I decided to start this blog and write about everything I can't say on their blog. The stories I probably don't want my grandmother to read. This is a blog about about the real me. A blog about being a real mother and the fact that it's not at all what June Cleaver made it look like. I have a life outside my children and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Mommydom was a complete mystery to me and I was not prepared for the hardships being a mom comes with. It boggles my mind why more warnings weren't sent my way on the difficult task I was about to embark on before becoming a mother. But in today's world, with all the social media outlets, we now have a chance to really talk to one another about what what being a mother really means. How hard it really is and how to take a personal vacation from your body when you need one. When you think no one else really knows what you are going through stop by "Bring Mommy the Vodka" and relish in the fact that you're not the only one who didn't know it was going to be this difficult.
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